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Shelby Township Locksmith Speaks About Combination Locks

A combination lock is one that can be unlocked with a secret code. Unlike traditional locks, a combination lock does not require a key and comes with numerous unique features. However, high-security combination locks consist of a key back for providing your property with optimum security. In this article,Shelby Township Locksmith speaks in details about the efficiency of combination locks and what makes them different from traditional locks.

Combination locks are of two types:

(i) Mechanical Combination Lock; and
(ii) Electronic Combination Lock

According toShelby Township locksmith,Mechanical combination lock is ideal for padlocks and safes.Such locks can be used on entry doors too but Shelby Township Locksmith opines that it is not advisable to use these locks on entry doors because it takes adequate time to enter the combination. Shelby Township Locksmith also states that the combination, set at the factory is quite difficult to change.

Electronic combination lock comes with a keypad like that of a telephone. According to Shelby Township locksmith,electronic combination locks require either batteries or electricity to function consistently.Shelby Township Locksmith suggests that you may also use a key backup too for your electronic combination lock in case the electronics stop working or the batteries die.Shelby Township Locksmithopines thatelectronic combination locks are perfect for doors and safes.


According to Shelby Township Locksmiththe benefits of combination locks are as follows:

  • Shelby Township Locksmithasserts that one of the key benefits of combination lock is that they do not require keys.Therefore, you do not have to worry about misplacing your keys.
  • Shelby Township Locksmithfavorscombination locks as they provide you with high-end security.Shelby Township Locksmithadds that some combination locks with highly sophisticated features are generally used in banks to safeguard the vaults. According to Shelby Township locksmith,these highly sophisticated locks can be unlocked only during certain specific times of the day  thus making it  extremely difficult  for robbers to break into bank vaults even when there is no security personnel around.
  • According to Shelby Township locksmith,combination locks are affordable and can cost $3 to $5. However, sophisticated combination locks that provide high security are quite expensive and may cost over $150. Shelby Township Locksmith asserts that high-security combination locks are expensive as they consist of key backup along with a built-in alarm system that gets activated as and when someone tampers with the device.
  • Shelby Township Locksmith states that since combination locks are made up of hardened steel, it gets difficult to damage the lock even with bolt cutters.According to Shelby Township locksmith, you can also use your combination lock with a combination of numbers, letters, colors, symbols and shapes.Shelby Township Locksmith suggests that using uncommon symbols other than numbers for unlocking a combination lock makes it more secure than key locks.

These are the features and advantagesofcombination lock.If you need further information on combination locks, you may call Shelby Township Locksmith to get detailed information on these locks.

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